by Charlie Weber

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(Intro) 00:12
I haven’t left the house in days I haven’t left the house in days Looking in the mirror like I should probably get dressed Haven’t changed my clothes all week Haven’t changed my clothes all week but now I’m digging through my closet, looking for my Sundays best Who says being locked in doors is no-fun I guess I’m just peacocking for no-one I've got a certain Jena se qua I’ve got a certain Jena se qua Open up the curtains for the whole world to feel Ready for my closeup now I’m ready for my close up now i’m cheating to the cameras gonna hit em with that blue steel Strutting my stuff in the living room sun I guess I’m just peacocking for no-one Change my black t-shirt for red Who do I think I am... Some sort of supermodel or business man? Strutting my stuff in the living room sun I guess I’m just peacocking for no-one
I am tired of sleeping on the floor, drinking alcohol only cos I’m bored I was hoping you’d find me and help me dust off my knees Give me a reason to wake up every day not your half hearted sympathy but something to sustain this self destructive lifestyle that I have chose So lets face it we’ve been here before I’ve been down and dirty and it’s time to settle the score And I can’t keep living in defeat Now these past few months have been killing me I been witness to things I thought I’d never see So I’m finally thankful I’m back on track If these words I write are just a surface stain of a Deeper issue I could never claim So I throw them in the trash with the discount championship t-shirts So lets face it, I’ve been here before Everything up until now is nothing more than A practice round now I’m off the bench and I’m ready to swing for the fences Sorry to say this but I’ve seen this before The injuries I’ve got can’t hurt me anymore I’m running the bases and I’m head for home If you fake left, then I’ll fake right We could do this dance all night If I could just find my footing I think I could make this slide Cos it bases loaded it’s the bottom of the ninth The count is full, I need an RBI If I can just win the pennit I think I could face myself tonight
Pale Horse 04:50
It felt like a mosquito, a little itch in his brain he picked up his boots and started walking, started walking away he slammed the screen door, and the breeze moved on through when a man gets like that, there’s no telling what he’ll do Searched his army jacket, left the element on Tiny ripples of air in hung in peripheral, dancing to the alarm Looked over his shoulder, thought of you and took it in stride Sparked the flint, looked around and then kissed it goodbye You could Smell the smoke in the alley and heard the screams quiet down and if he’s got to move mountains, he’s gonna leave this town “Light it up like a candle, Notre Dame ain’t got nothing on me and with god as my witness, the fire will set me free” Traffics slow on the I-10, heading outta El Paso the white knuckle express is a coffin, seatbelt like a lasso Hands over his licence, hands all covered in soot With one look in his eyes and you'd know that he’s up to no good A message sent to the boarder guard, please pull off to the side With one hand on his firearm, the other scratching his behind I’m melting into the leather, be sure don't give yourself away He hit’s pedal to metal, burns rubber to crash through the gate Found himself a little shelter, he somehow got away Orders “Dos cerveza por favor” that’s all he knows how to say Spots a sweet senorieta, picks her up, they go to his hideaway The devils grip tightens the more that you pull away Morning light comes and finds him, removes his claws from her skin Shoves her body in the shower to wash away his sins You call this a motel room, well it’s more like a graveyard And you do not disturb the dead or they will tear you apart And checkout comes early for those who feed in the dark and for those who move slowly the pale horse has room on his cart
I felt the wind touch me softly on the back of my neck And I felt the sun burn my skin the second it sank in I thought of you did you think of me Or did your four walls devour you slowly? We all watched the locusts migrate from overseas And Pictures of outer space aircrafts plastered on our t.v.’s We wore masks overs our face, Our smiles retracted slowly back into place We’ll make it through this year. Blasting, “we shall be healed” through our stereos Nothing to fear but fear. You’ve got your, cancelled plans and I’ve got the mountain goats I couldn’t see things clearly with the hair in my face A man died in Minneapolis is when we lost faith I felt the shift, you felt the shake We all moved with the metaphorical earthquake We’ll make it through this year. Blasting, “I shall be free” through our stereos Nothing to fear but fear. You’ve got your, cancelled plans and I’ve got bob Dylan songs We’ll make it through this year. Blasting, “we shall be healed” through our stereos Nothing to fear but fear. You’ve got your, cancelled plans and I’ve got the mountain goats
(Outro) 00:13


This record was recorded in my apartment completely on an iPhone XR. Every thing you hear on this record was recorded on my dining room table probably stacked on 2 foot stools a text book and a jar of peanut butter because I did not have a mic stand that would hold an iPhone.

Due to the pandemic I was stuck inside doing nothing but listening to some records by the mountain goats. I wanted to record something like how John Darnielle and the Mountain Goats created their first batches of songs; lo-fi, no frills just a guy and a 4 track recorder. I didn't have a 4 track recording device but I did have an iPhone, headphones I bought at the gas station and access to 4/4 drum beats on youtube. I hope you enjoy this passion project of mine and remember, "We'll make it through this year"


released December 26, 2020

Album recorded by Charlie Weber

Album Produced by Charlie Weber/Richard Gracious
Mixing& Mastering by Richard Gracious at Forest City Records Studios, London Ontario.


all rights reserved



Charlie Weber London, Ontario

Charlie Weber & The Glorious Failures. "Award Losing" Folk Rock from London Ontario.

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